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Resumes and CVs


Your resume or CV is your first opportunity to put your best foot forward. If you've been mindlessly tacking on bullet points to a ten or fifteen (twenty? thirty?) year-old document, it's time for a refresh! Or, maybe you're brand new to the job market and in need of a clear, informative and professional resume that makes you stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you're an academic in need of a polished CV, or an executive looking for a hyper-focused resume tailored to a very specific role with a potential future employer. Maybe it's time for a career change and you need a hand aligning your existing skills and experience with a new set of requirements and qualifications. While you might think a resume is a resume across the board, this couldn't be more wrong! The type of resume you need and how you organize the information within it will vary based on where you fit into the examples above, the industry and type of role you're applying to, and more. Wherever you are in your career, whatever kind of assistance you need communicating your strengths, experience and qualifications on paper, I'm here to help write the resume of your dreams.

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